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Speed up your pace by training some challenging Track workouts

Track Workout


This week all our hard work to build endurance should pay off with a 20 minute time trial. Time trials are not just for cyclist this is a hard all out effort for 20 mins and should only be attempted by intermediate to advance runners

Intermediate / Advance Workout

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 1×800, jog rounds sprint straightaways / recover for 1 min
  • 1×20 minute all out effort – If you have a GPS watch make sure to reset your watches so that you see how far you go – if you don’t have a GPS watch count how many laps you go around in the 20 minutes.
  • Walk lap
  • 3 lap cool down

Beginner Workout

  • 2 lap warm-up
  • 3x1mile with 2 mins recovery between miles
  • 2 lap cool down

Track Workout


Continuing our endurance build – If this is your first track workout either do the beginner set or look through old blogs so that you can progress safely.

Best way to improve your speed and running economy is to do a coached track workout. Its tough to know if you are doing the drills correctly and if your form is good. Finding a running coach isn’t as hard as you might think We do run coaching at Urban Escape Fitness, if you are not local – look up for local coaches and clubs.

Track workout for advance to intermediate group: 
1mile warm-up
3x1mile / jog lap inbetween (intermediate group do 2×1 mile instead) 5k goal pace
1 mile cool down
Beginners Track Workout:
1 mile warm-up
2 laps / jog “rounds” / lean forward from ankles on the “straights”
4×600 / walk 200 (1 1/2 lap / walk 1/2 lap repeat 4 times)
1 mile cool down
3.5 miles

Track Workout


Running workout

This week we continue to build on our endurance. Urban Escape Fitness Group meeting tomorrow at San Marin High at 5:30a, remember to bring your watch and headlamps. Email me at if you want to join or if you have any questions. We do have a drop-in ratse if you are not signed up for the training group.

Track Workout – Advance to intermediate runners

  • 1 mile warmup
  • 3×1200 / walk 200, jog 200 in between sets
  • 1 mile cool down
  • 5 miles total

Track Workout – beginner

  • 4 lap warm-up
  • 2 laps jog rounds / on the straights: focus on standing tall, relaxed shoulders, arm swing in-front of body, hands relaxed
  • 4X 4 laps / Run as fast as you can safely (this is NOT an all out sprint, pace should fell fast but something you can hold for a whole lap. Take 1:00 recovery in between each lap. Try to either hold same time or better for each lap)
  • 4 lap cool down
  • 3.5 miles total

Track Workout



My least favorite track workout is 200 meter sprints – There’s a reason (I’m not good at them!) Only way to get better is to keep doing it till it becomes easier… oh yea never gets easier because you always try and go faster 🙂

Urban Escape Fitness group meet this morning and this was our workout:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 1X800 
  • 8X200 with 30 sec recovery between each set (beginners: 6X200 with 1min recovery)
  • walk lap
  • 4X200 : Sprint 200 jog 200 repeat
  • 1 mile cool down

Track Workout – Endurance Focus


Best way to improve running speed is to do weekly track workouts. They are hard to do, but if you find a good supportive group you’ll not only see your speed and endurance improve you’ll have FUN too! This mornings workout with the Urban Escape Fitness gang:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 2X800, running about 40 to 60 seconds faster than 10k pace (2 min recovery between)
  • 4X400, running 40 to 60 seconds faster than 5k pace (1:30 min recovery between)
  • Walk a lap
  • 1200 cool down
  • 4 miles total

Track Workout Thursday!

I have been obsessed with increasing my run speed. There is no easy way to do this – the one sure was is to do track work once a week. I always hated track and avoid it at all cost. About 6 month ago I hired an amazing running coach, Angela Warren to do a Fastest 5k program. I decided that I needed to be coached myself and signed-up for the program. I am so glad I did, I took my pace from 10 min mile to my 5k pace of 8:07. I improved my 10k by 8 over mins (1:01 was last Nov fastest 10k was 52:30).

I am a big believer in track workouts now and will share my weekly workouts with you. It’s really hard to push yourself alone – try and find a group or at least a friend that will do these workouts with you. Urban Escape Fitness will be starting another run training program Sept 7th for the Mermaid Run Nov 10th. We will be having weekly track workouts and long runs.

Track workout for today was:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 4×200 (jog 200 for recovery in between sprints)
  • 2×400 (jog 200 for recovery in between sprints)
  • 1×800 (jog 400 for recovery in between sprints)
  • 1 mile cool down