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Beginner 5k Training Log


The Urban Escape Fitness Half Marathon 10K & 5K is 6 weeks away!! I have spoken to a bunch of people who want to run but are beginners  – I suggest doing the 5k. Below is a beginner training program for completing the 5k 

5K Training Plan

Week 1:
Tues & Thursday 2 miles / run for 5 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 5 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 2:
Tues & Thursday 2 miles / run for 6 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 6 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 3:
Tues & Thursday 2.5 miles / run for 7 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 7 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 4:
Tues & Thursday 3 miles / run for 8 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 2 miles / Run, no walking
Week 5:
Tues & Thursday 3 miles / run for 9 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 2.5 miles / Run, no walking
Week 6: Race Week!
Tuesday 2 miles / run for 2 mins, walk for 1 mins
Sunday Race Day Run 5k :)


Starting 2014 off Right!


I love starting the new year with a killer workout. My husband and I co-taught a 1:20 boot camp class – was so fun! Energy was great had about 20 members show-up. Urban Escape Fitness members know how to take a thrashing!! 

Our Half Marathon Training Program starts this Sunday – so excited how many people are already signed-up!


Half Marathon & 5K



Excited to announce the Inaugural Urban Escape Fitness Half Marathon & 5K

You can run 13.1! This flat, fast, incredibly scenic out-back course along the back country roads offers an idyllic destination race.  Nestled in the shadows of the Marin hills and countryside, you will be rewarded with incredible views, hometown supporters, and a memorable experience. Race starts and ends at San Marin High School track in Novato California.

Not up for 13.1, how about 3.1 then! Great 5K for beginners, families and runners looking to crush there fastest pace.  This is also an out and back course with a finish on the San Marin High School track.


Weather you are a Northern California native or from across the ocean this is a beautiful race and an amazing area to vacation in. Some of the best hiking and biking in the world! Check out the city of NovatoMarin County and San Francisco to plan your fitness vacation today 🙂 



Track Workout


This week all our hard work to build endurance should pay off with a 20 minute time trial. Time trials are not just for cyclist this is a hard all out effort for 20 mins and should only be attempted by intermediate to advance runners

Intermediate / Advance Workout

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 1×800, jog rounds sprint straightaways / recover for 1 min
  • 1×20 minute all out effort – If you have a GPS watch make sure to reset your watches so that you see how far you go – if you don’t have a GPS watch count how many laps you go around in the 20 minutes.
  • Walk lap
  • 3 lap cool down

Beginner Workout

  • 2 lap warm-up
  • 3x1mile with 2 mins recovery between miles
  • 2 lap cool down

Track Workout


Continuing our endurance build – If this is your first track workout either do the beginner set or look through old blogs so that you can progress safely.

Best way to improve your speed and running economy is to do a coached track workout. Its tough to know if you are doing the drills correctly and if your form is good. Finding a running coach isn’t as hard as you might think We do run coaching at Urban Escape Fitness, if you are not local – look up http://www.rrca.org/ for local coaches and clubs.

Track workout for advance to intermediate group: 
1mile warm-up
3x1mile / jog lap inbetween (intermediate group do 2×1 mile instead) 5k goal pace
1 mile cool down
Beginners Track Workout:
1 mile warm-up
2 laps / jog “rounds” / lean forward from ankles on the “straights”
4×600 / walk 200 (1 1/2 lap / walk 1/2 lap repeat 4 times)
1 mile cool down
3.5 miles

Fun Fall Races

13th Annual Marin County Turkey Trot

Allow yourself some guilt-free indulgence this Thanksgiving Day by spending the morning burning off the calories you will replace later with pumpkin pie.  The Youth Gobbler 1 Mile and Turkey Trot 5K are run cross country style on the trails of Marin’s Open Space.  The new and improved Pilgrim 10K is an out and back through the beautiful IVC campus and along Ignacio Blvd. So register early, this race really fills up, and your apple cider will taste especially yummy as you drink it from your finishers mug.


Mermaid run San Francisco November 10th, 2013 5k, 10k, sirena10 mi 

NEW FOR 2013! We’re excited to announce a new 10 mile distance, the Sirena10, featuring an out and back run on the east sidewalk of the Golden Gate Bridge. For Mermaids who prefer shorter distances and flat terrain, we have 5k and 10k option that takes you around Crissy Field and to the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. All distances include breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco skyline. Participants receive a stylish race shirt, custom finisher pendant and post race food!

ImageMarin County Triathlon and Duathlon

Urban Escape Fitness members will be participating in many of these events – If you are looking for guidance for training please contact me at urbanescape.novato@gmail.com

Post your favorite fall races as a comment – always looking for new events

Happy Trails 🙂

Weekly Track Workout



As we’re building distance with our longer runs on Saturdays our track workouts will be getting more into endurance threshold training and less on all out sprinting. Urban Escape Fitness group meeting at San Marin High School at 5:30a (remember to bring headlamps!)

Intermediate and Advance Workout:

  • 1 mile warm-up (4 laps)
  • 2X1000 walk 200 (5K pace)
  • 2×1000 jog 200 (5K pace)
  • walk lap
  • 1200 cool down (3 laps)
  • Total = 5 miles

Beginner Workout

  • 2 lap warm-up
  • 2 lap jog rounds / straights focus on tall relaxed upper body leaning from ankles not waist, abs are strong
  • 4 laps jog rounds run (no sprinting just run little faster) straights
  • 2 laps 1/2 through time one min and count your right leg (goal to get 85-90ish)
  • 2 laps cool down
  • Total = 3 miles