Preparing for Long Runs (over an hour)


This works for me – figure out what works for you than make sure you stick with it.

  • Wake-up at least 1.5 hours before my first planned activity
  • 2 cups of coffee (a must!)
  • 1 hour before run have a small bowl of oatmeal 
  • Drink about 12 oz of water through-out the morning
  • Figure out what I’m wearing (if cold layers) 
  • Eat Gu or small banana 15-10 mins before run
  • Foam Roll or dynamic stretching 15-10 mins before I leave for run
  • Decide how I’m feeling and what my goals for run are (Am I working on negative splits, pace or slow conversation pace)
  • If I’m running longer than an hour I bring water and Gu – I try and bring 100 cal of sports nutrition for every hour that I am exercising. I have a really hard time getting sports nutrition down so I make sure I practice what I plan on eating for race day.
  • GPS watch   
  • Sunscreen
  • Head out the door!  Image

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