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Race Day Helpful Hints


These are some tips that work great for me. Hope they help you have a fabulous race!

  • Prep your race clothing and race nutrition the night before  – remember little things like body glide, watch and timing chip

  • Wake-up at least 1.5 hours before race (I like 2 hours – personally)

  • For breakfast eat what you have been practicing with – Don’t experiment with any new foods that you haven’t “tested” first.

  • Drink about 12 oz of water throughout the morning

  • Eat Gu or small banana 15-10 mins before run

  • Foam Roll or dynamic stretching 15-10 mins before race starts – we’ll have foam rollers and mats available for pre-race participants

  • Remember to not start out too fast – with the excitement for the race and all the people around you still need to pace yourself.

  • Don’t forget to use sports nutrition every 40-60 mins – about a 100 cal an hour works good for most people.

April 13th, 2014


Preparing for Long Runs (over an hour)


This works for me – figure out what works for you than make sure you stick with it.

  • Wake-up at least 1.5 hours before my first planned activity
  • 2 cups of coffee (a must!)
  • 1 hour before run have a small bowl of oatmeal 
  • Drink about 12 oz of water through-out the morning
  • Figure out what I’m wearing (if cold layers) 
  • Eat Gu or small banana 15-10 mins before run
  • Foam Roll or dynamic stretching 15-10 mins before I leave for run
  • Decide how I’m feeling and what my goals for run are (Am I working on negative splits, pace or slow conversation pace)
  • If I’m running longer than an hour I bring water and Gu – I try and bring 100 cal of sports nutrition for every hour that I am exercising. I have a really hard time getting sports nutrition down so I make sure I practice what I plan on eating for race day.
  • GPS watch   
  • Sunscreen
  • Head out the door!  Image

Starting 2014 off Right!


I love starting the new year with a killer workout. My husband and I co-taught a 1:20 boot camp class – was so fun! Energy was great had about 20 members show-up. Urban Escape Fitness members know how to take a thrashing!! 

Our Half Marathon Training Program starts this Sunday – so excited how many people are already signed-up!


Half Marathon & 5K



Excited to announce the Inaugural Urban Escape Fitness Half Marathon & 5K

You can run 13.1! This flat, fast, incredibly scenic out-back course along the back country roads offers an idyllic destination race.  Nestled in the shadows of the Marin hills and countryside, you will be rewarded with incredible views, hometown supporters, and a memorable experience. Race starts and ends at San Marin High School track in Novato California.

Not up for 13.1, how about 3.1 then! Great 5K for beginners, families and runners looking to crush there fastest pace.  This is also an out and back course with a finish on the San Marin High School track.


Weather you are a Northern California native or from across the ocean this is a beautiful race and an amazing area to vacation in. Some of the best hiking and biking in the world! Check out the city of NovatoMarin County and San Francisco to plan your fitness vacation today 🙂 



Predicting Race Pace


Its always tough to figure out exactly what your goal pace should be for upcoming races. If you have been following a coached training plan you should be able to guess pretty close. Also knowing how you react in the race environment helps you plan properly. I for one “hulk out” as my husband likes to say – no madder how bad my training workouts have gone I can 90% of the time do about 10-12% better on race day. If you don’t know how much better you typically do on race day another way to guess what your goal pace could be is to to this track workout:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 3×1 mile, jog lap in between
  • 1 mile cool down

If your 3×1 mile repeats are the same time that is a good indication of what your 5k pace will be – if the time progressively get slower add times together and than divide by 3 and that is most likely your goal 5K pace. For 10K pace add 15-30 seconds onto 5k pace and that should be a good indication of what you are capable of. For instance if your 5k PR was 8:00 pace you could est that your 10K pace would be about 8:20 pace. For half Marathon add another 30-60 seconds to your 10k pace, for Marathon add 40-70 seconds from half marathon pace.

These are not perfect indicators – you need to factor in other things like, weather, illness, injuries and nutrition. You can train and plan but sometimes things just don’t go as planned – Learn from poor performances and plan better for the next one.

Deciding Which races to do for 2014

ImageEvery fall I look to the spring/summer and decide which races I’m going to do. I like deciding before winter kicks in so that I say motivated through the winter and don’t get fat and lazy. I like to pick my “A” races first (I usually pick 2 – one in the spring and one later in the summer). After picking my “A” races I pick my “B” and “C” races to build the optimal program to ensure the most success for my “A” races. Its all about setting myself up for a killer season that keeps me motivated and inspired.

I have been working on my speed this year with the goal of doing a 1/2 Ironman in under 6 hours. All races will be in prep for this event. Below is my tentative racing schedule for the 2014 season – HAPPY TRAINING 🙂

  • April 21st 2014 – “C” race, Double Dare Duathlon. Long course (4 mile run, 30 mile bike, 2 mile run)
  • May 4th 2014 – “B” race, Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon. Goal is to do race in 1:55
  • June 8th 2014 – “A” race, Vineman Monte Rio Internation Triathlon. Got 4th AG last year, goal is to PR and podium!
  • July 26th (?) – My “A” race is Barb’s Race. This race is local little smaller and friendlier than Ironman sanctioned events and its for a good cause. Oh and if I’m being honest the times are slower than IM events so I have a better chance of placing higher in the over all standings. Goal under 6 hours

Track Workout


Continuing our endurance build – If this is your first track workout either do the beginner set or look through old blogs so that you can progress safely.

Best way to improve your speed and running economy is to do a coached track workout. Its tough to know if you are doing the drills correctly and if your form is good. Finding a running coach isn’t as hard as you might think We do run coaching at Urban Escape Fitness, if you are not local – look up http://www.rrca.org/ for local coaches and clubs.

Track workout for advance to intermediate group: 
1mile warm-up
3x1mile / jog lap inbetween (intermediate group do 2×1 mile instead) 5k goal pace
1 mile cool down
Beginners Track Workout:
1 mile warm-up
2 laps / jog “rounds” / lean forward from ankles on the “straights”
4×600 / walk 200 (1 1/2 lap / walk 1/2 lap repeat 4 times)
1 mile cool down
3.5 miles