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Beginner 5k Training Log


The Urban Escape Fitness Half Marathon 10K & 5K is 6 weeks away!! I have spoken to a bunch of people who want to run but are beginners  – I suggest doing the 5k. Below is a beginner training program for completing the 5k 

5K Training Plan

Week 1:
Tues & Thursday 2 miles / run for 5 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 5 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 2:
Tues & Thursday 2 miles / run for 6 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 6 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 3:
Tues & Thursday 2.5 miles / run for 7 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 7 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 4:
Tues & Thursday 3 miles / run for 8 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 2 miles / Run, no walking
Week 5:
Tues & Thursday 3 miles / run for 9 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 2.5 miles / Run, no walking
Week 6: Race Week!
Tuesday 2 miles / run for 2 mins, walk for 1 mins
Sunday Race Day Run 5k :)


Track Workout


This week all our hard work to build endurance should pay off with a 20 minute time trial. Time trials are not just for cyclist this is a hard all out effort for 20 mins and should only be attempted by intermediate to advance runners

Intermediate / Advance Workout

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 1×800, jog rounds sprint straightaways / recover for 1 min
  • 1×20 minute all out effort – If you have a GPS watch make sure to reset your watches so that you see how far you go – if you don’t have a GPS watch count how many laps you go around in the 20 minutes.
  • Walk lap
  • 3 lap cool down

Beginner Workout

  • 2 lap warm-up
  • 3x1mile with 2 mins recovery between miles
  • 2 lap cool down

Hill Repeats



This week we are switching it up – instead of a track workout we will be doing hill repeats FUN!!! Reason for the switch – Even though we switch up our track workout every week you need to give your body a break and work other muscles.  Hill repeats not only challenge your cardiovascular system (vo2max) it also works other muscles in your legs that you might have been neglecting, if your just doing mainly flat runs and track work.

The Workout:

  • Find a hill that takes you about 2-4 mins to run up (about 300-500 meters)
  • Warm-up for 2 miles – mainly flat or rolling hills
  • Decide what your starting point is going to be and put your water bottle there
  • 6x uphill at extremely hard effort – start your first hill conservatively and try and progressively increase the time it takes you to get up  / walk down and rest for 60 seconds than repeat
  • 1-2 mile cool down

Urban Escape Fitness group will be meeting Saturday at 7:45a at the Rush Creek Trail Head, Bahia side.

Duathlon Training



I will be competing in my first duathlon Oct 27th with the Marin Triathlon. I have done numerous triathlons from sprints to Ironman distance races but never a duathlon.  The distance for this race is 5k run / 22 mile bike / 10k run

I am in week 3 and have a good base going into training – this is an advanced to intermediate plan NOT for beginners. my weekly workouts are:

  • Mon – Bootcamp
  • Tues – power-meter spin class followed with a 3 mile run,
  • Wed – Bootcamp
  • Thurs – track workout (see past blogs for weekly workouts), bootcamp 
  • Friday – longer bike ride (over 35 miles under 50 miles)
  • Saturday long Brick workout (see below for build)
  • Sunday 4-6 mile run bootcamp class and easy bike home

Saturday Build:

  • Week 1: Run 2 miles / bike 30 mile / run 2 miles
  • Week 2: Run 2 miles / bike 30 miles / run 3 miles
  • Week 3: Run 2.5 miles / bike 30 miles / run 4 miles
  • Week 4: Run 2.5 miles / bike 30 miles / run 5 miles
  • Week 5: Run 3 miles / bike 30 miles / run 6 miles
  • Week 6: Run 3 miles / bike 30 miles / run 6 miles
  • Week 7: Run 3 miles / bike 30 miles / run 3 miles
  • Week 8: RACE WEEK

Track Workout



Here is your weekly track workout, I have included an intermediate and beginner workout. This workout is great for distance runners looking to improve their speed and endurance. Urban Escape FItness group meets at 6:15p at San Marin High School Track or Thurs at 5:30a (bring head lamp 🙂 )

Intermediate to Advance Track Workout

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 2X800 2min recovery (should be at your 5k race pace)
  • walk lap
  • 2X800 1:30 recovery (should be at your 5k race pace same as above)
  • walk lap
  • 2X800 1min recovery (should be at your 5k race pace same as above)
  • 800 slow jogging cool down

Beginner Track Workout

  • 2 lap warm-up
  • 2 lap – jog 1/2 lap than count your right leg for 1 min (goal is to get 90) – reason for drill is to increase your cadance – think fast feet – if you can hear your foot pounding than your form is off
  • 2 lap jog the rounds (100m) pretend to scrape gum off your shoe for the straights (100m) – reason for this drill is to improve your stride and have less garring to your joints – if you look at really fast runners they have a really high kick behind them
  • 2 lap cool down




Track Workout Thursday!

I have been obsessed with increasing my run speed. There is no easy way to do this – the one sure was is to do track work once a week. I always hated track and avoid it at all cost. About 6 month ago I hired an amazing running coach, Angela Warren to do a Fastest 5k program. I decided that I needed to be coached myself and signed-up for the program. I am so glad I did, I took my pace from 10 min mile to my 5k pace of 8:07. I improved my 10k by 8 over mins (1:01 was last Nov fastest 10k was 52:30).

I am a big believer in track workouts now and will share my weekly workouts with you. It’s really hard to push yourself alone – try and find a group or at least a friend that will do these workouts with you. Urban Escape Fitness will be starting another run training program Sept 7th for the Mermaid Run Nov 10th. We will be having weekly track workouts and long runs.

Track workout for today was:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 4×200 (jog 200 for recovery in between sprints)
  • 2×400 (jog 200 for recovery in between sprints)
  • 1×800 (jog 400 for recovery in between sprints)
  • 1 mile cool down