Weighing in – The Dreaded Scale!



Whenever you start a diet you need to weigh yourself… I know it SUCKS because lets face it if you had managed your weight properly you wouldn’t need to put yourself on a diet… BUMMER. Whats done is done now lets face the music!

ImageI always tell my clients (and myself) to weigh in at least once a week and no more than three times a week. Weigh yourself at the same time and same day every week, if you weigh in after exercise class in the morning that is the time you should always weigh in. 

Losing weight is simple math but hard to do – you need 3500 calorie deficient to lose ONE pound – you will be hungry… I’m sorry but its a fact – if your not hungry you most likely are not losing weight 😦

If you want to lose 1 lb a week its a 500 calorie deficient a day – this can be done with limiting food and working out. A typical Bootcamp class burns between 400-600 calories.


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