Operation Weight Loss – Week 2 of 15



Yep that’s how I feel right now! Weighed myself Saturday and was down 2.7 lbs, reweighed myself this morning and that was real weight not just water weight. Little more than I planned but its easier to lose in the beginning – as you get closer to your goal weight its MUCH harder for the lbs to come off. Writing down everything I eat is a pain but it totally works to keep me in check and on track.

First two days (Last Monday, Tuesday and if I’m being honest Wednesday) were really tough. I was hungry and just tried to stay focused and tell myself that I wasn’t going to die and my body would get use to functioning on fewer calories and I won’t feel so hungry…. By Thursday my body had totally adjusted and I started to feel better. 

I’ll share some of the foods that help keep me on track:

These tortillas are low in calories, high in fiber and very filling. For breakfast I make a burrito with 2 eggs, and little light cheese. Soft fish tacos for dinner are delicious and wraps for lunch. (not all in the same day – that would be way too much fiber 🙂 ) 


Powdered peanut butter is my new obsession – I mix it with non-fat Greek plain yogurt – SOOOO good. Its hard to find, I buy this brand on Amazon. It’s also really good in shakes.



Fruit, especially apples




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