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Beginner 5k Training Log


The Urban Escape Fitness Half Marathon 10K & 5K is 6 weeks away!! I have spoken to a bunch of people who want to run but are beginners  – I suggest doing the 5k. Below is a beginner training program for completing the 5k 

5K Training Plan

Week 1:
Tues & Thursday 2 miles / run for 5 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 5 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 2:
Tues & Thursday 2 miles / run for 6 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 6 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 3:
Tues & Thursday 2.5 miles / run for 7 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 3 miles / Run for 7 mins, walk for 30 seconds
Week 4:
Tues & Thursday 3 miles / run for 8 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 2 miles / Run, no walking
Week 5:
Tues & Thursday 3 miles / run for 9 mins, walk for 1 min
Saturday 2.5 miles / Run, no walking
Week 6: Race Week!
Tuesday 2 miles / run for 2 mins, walk for 1 mins
Sunday Race Day Run 5k :)


Preparing for Long Runs (over an hour)


This works for me – figure out what works for you than make sure you stick with it.

  • Wake-up at least 1.5 hours before my first planned activity
  • 2 cups of coffee (a must!)
  • 1 hour before run have a small bowl of oatmeal 
  • Drink about 12 oz of water through-out the morning
  • Figure out what I’m wearing (if cold layers) 
  • Eat Gu or small banana 15-10 mins before run
  • Foam Roll or dynamic stretching 15-10 mins before I leave for run
  • Decide how I’m feeling and what my goals for run are (Am I working on negative splits, pace or slow conversation pace)
  • If I’m running longer than an hour I bring water and Gu – I try and bring 100 cal of sports nutrition for every hour that I am exercising. I have a really hard time getting sports nutrition down so I make sure I practice what I plan on eating for race day.
  • GPS watch   
  • Sunscreen
  • Head out the door!  Image

Starting 2014 off Right!


I love starting the new year with a killer workout. My husband and I co-taught a 1:20 boot camp class – was so fun! Energy was great had about 20 members show-up. Urban Escape Fitness members know how to take a thrashing!! 

Our Half Marathon Training Program starts this Sunday – so excited how many people are already signed-up!


Reflecting on 2013 and looking to 2014



I thought this quote was prefect for summing up how we should live our life (or at least how I want to live my life). I love having experiences, meeting people and of course working out HARD! Material things are not important to me (unless its a new snowboard, bike or running shoes 🙂 ) As far a this year went, starting your own business is hard but I have never been happier. I love that we live in a country that you can follow your dreams and I love that I have a husband and friends that believe in me and my vision. I see only good positive things happening in the year to come (love even numbers). 


Surviving Thanksgiving – Operation Weight Loss – Week 4 of 15


One holiday down, two to go. The average American gains 1-2 pounds during the holidays, I’m happy to report that I lost .6 lbs during Thanksgiving week! The hardest thing to do is make yourself get on the scale after a holiday week, but it must be done! Getting on the scale once a week keeps you in check and lets you know if you need to make any adjustments to your program.

If I’m being honest the only thing that saved me from gaining weight this week was working out every days. I worked out hard too, getting my heart rate up and making sure that I got my “sweat-on”. Today I’m back to writing down everything that I eat and eating smaller portions. Goal is to lose at least 1 lb this week.