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Book Review: Paleo Diet for Athletes


Paleo Diets are very popular right now, but as an athlete the Paleo Diet wasn’t really an option for me. Joe Friel, who is a respected Triathlete Coach and the author of the Training Bible Book Series is the co-author of this book so I decided to read it (other author is Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet) .

I thought the book was very informative, key take away points: (this is for either very intense workouts or workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes)

  • Stage I: Eat before exercising – Ideal is to eat 2 hrs before workout, lean protien and a carbohydrate (one egg and piece of fruit) – 10 mins before have a gu sports drink or banana
  • Stage 2: Eat during exercising – every 45-60 mins have about 100-300 cal of sports nutrition (I know myself and about 100 cal is all I can handle at a time during exercise)
  • Stage 3: Eat at least 30 minutes after exercising (the sooner the better, your body is never at a better position to take carbs to rebuild your glocogyn stores – (instead of storing it as fat) – There is a recipe in book for recovery shake – bottom line is simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic load, electrolytes and lots of fluids.
  • Stage 4: Eating after Exercising – how ever long you worked out is how long this stage lasts – Focus is similar to Stage 3, carbohydrates remain important. Good choices: potatoes, yams, dried fruit especially raisins. It is also a good time to start taking in protein – look for protein that is rich in amino acids: Fish, shellfish, egg whites and turkey breast are considered good option.
  • Stage 5 Eating After Exercising – this is where you go back to eating only Paleo foods: meats, fruits and vegetables

This is just a very short recap of the parts of the book that interested me the most – the book goes into a TON of detail about the Paleo Diet and the different stages of eating for peak athletic performance.  I do feel like my workouts and recovery have improved sense I have been following the 5 stages of eating so I would recommend this book.


Sports Nutrition

ImageI have often battled with bad belly on long rides and runs (lasting over 3 hours). I have a really hard time stomaching all the processed sports bars, gels and gu’s. One of the members of Urban Escape Fitness referred me to a great book: Feed Zone Portables, by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim. Book has a lot of great information (sometimes author goes into little more detail than 100% needed). Some of the highlights of book:

  • The recipes – tons to choose from and lots of pretty pics (to see what its suppose to look like)
  • Looks at how many calories you need and hour for endurance exercises
  • Understanding of how your body processed food and water
  • Addresses “Should we eat of drink our calories?”

My husband (the wonderful Ronald J Skoda) made two of the “portables” in the book: Blueberry & Chocolate Coconut Rice Cakes (see below) and Baked Eggs.Image

When reading through different recipes I thought there was no way this could be good – but surprisingly was delicious and exactly what my body needed for my workout day yesterday: Killer 1 hour spin class followed by 2.5 mile run, and to cap off the day teach bootcamp in the afternoon. I will test “portables” this weekend for my 3 hour bike and let you know how it goes.