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Race Day Helpful Hints


These are some tips that work great for me. Hope they help you have a fabulous race!

  • Prep your race clothing and race nutrition the night before  – remember little things like body glide, watch and timing chip

  • Wake-up at least 1.5 hours before race (I like 2 hours – personally)

  • For breakfast eat what you have been practicing with – Don’t experiment with any new foods that you haven’t “tested” first.

  • Drink about 12 oz of water throughout the morning

  • Eat Gu or small banana 15-10 mins before run

  • Foam Roll or dynamic stretching 15-10 mins before race starts – we’ll have foam rollers and mats available for pre-race participants

  • Remember to not start out too fast – with the excitement for the race and all the people around you still need to pace yourself.

  • Don’t forget to use sports nutrition every 40-60 mins – about a 100 cal an hour works good for most people.

April 13th, 2014