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Reflecting on 2013 and looking to 2014



I thought this quote was prefect for summing up how we should live our life (or at least how I want to live my life). I love having experiences, meeting people and of course working out HARD! Material things are not important to me (unless its a new snowboard, bike or running shoes 🙂 ) As far a this year went, starting your own business is hard but I have never been happier. I love that we live in a country that you can follow your dreams and I love that I have a husband and friends that believe in me and my vision. I see only good positive things happening in the year to come (love even numbers). 



Operation Weight Loss – Week 1 of 15



I’m ready! – and going to have a positive attitude about this weight loss thing. If I’m going to put energy into something I want to be successful – failure in not an option (there’s my pep talk to myself for the day 🙂 ) 

For this week the  focus is to look at all my meals and figure out how to make them lower in calories. I am trying to get my daily calories down to 1400 for workout days. I feel like the only way to really lose weight is to write it down – I know its a pain, but that’s the point – if you have to write everything down your a lot less likely to put it in your month.

  • Breakfast – 2 eggs, 1 serving of low fat shredded cheese and 1 La Tortilla Smart & Delicious tortilla = 310 calories
  • Snack – 1 La Tortilla Smart & Delicious tortilla, turkey low fat lunch meat with creamy mustard = 115 calories
  • Snack – Apple = 70 calories 
  • Lunch – chicken, brown rice, broccoli, and zucchini =  311
  • Snack – Greek yogurt, mixed with powered peanut butter = 200
  • Snack – 20 almonds, banana = 200
  • Dinner – Chicken salad = 210
  • Total = 1416 / and yes I’ve been starving all day!!!

Bootcamp class this evening at 5:30p-6:30p 

This will be a typical day for me as far as my meals – share some of your meals and how you stay on track when dieting.

Operation Weight Loss – Preparing for the Journy


I love this saying and need to remind myself often that its all about attitude!  Women in general are so mean to themselves about their bodies, I am proud of my body, its not perfect and never will be – but it does a lot for me… If I ask it to run for 2 hours without stopping it will, ride over 100 miles it will – I am not losing weight for ecstatic reasons – I am losing weight because I want to race faster! I know this may sound silly to you but for some reason this is important to me…. maybe because when I was young I was always the slow chubby girl 🙂

If you are deciding to lose weight have a good reason  – maybe its to be a healthier person, to run 3 miles and have it not hurt your knees, even to fit into those pants that haven’t fit in years. Once you decide to commit don’t let anything sway you.

Have a plan that is easy to follow and fits into your life. If it is too hard to follow you won’t stick with it. Another way to get jazzed up about weight loss is to make it a competition with friends or family members. We did this at Urban Escape Fitness last year and had tons of members lose weight, plus it was really fun to see everyone’s progress.

This is the outline that I will use to get started:

  • Decide how much weight you’d like to lose (for me its 15lbs) – be realistic!
  • Pick a reasonable goal date (I know I don’t want to loss more than 2 lbs a week and no less than .5 lbs) So 1 lb a week is reasonable for someone that is within 10-15 lbs from their goal weight. (I will give myself 15 weeks)
  • Decide how many calories you can “budget” each day with one cheat day – Calorie Calculator (For me I have to take my calories to 1200cal on non-workout days and 1500cals on workout days –  the fitter you are the harder it is to loss weight).
  • Create some meal and menu options
  • Download a calorie counting app for smart phone (I use Fat Secret app for Iphone)
  • Track everything that you put into your mouth
  • Pick the date that you are going to get started (for me November 12th – my last race is the 10th and I know Monday I will still be recovering and don’t want to put my body through anymore stress)

If you’d like to join in “Operation Weight Loss” Please leave a comment of your plan to share. The more people we get involved the more fun this will be 🙂